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The Journey of a Movement Director: Get to Know Christina Fulcher

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Founder of Fulcher Movement, Christina Fulcher, grew up in Southern California-- Newport Beach to be exact. With the sunny beaches as her backdrop, she started her passion for moving and being creative at a very young age.

From the age of three, Christina spent much of her time in the dance studios of Southland Ballet Academy in Fountain Valley, California.

Newport Beach as a reputation of privilege and a culture of “keeping up with the Jones’.” Seeing her parents work hard to raise a family in this environment taught Christina the importance of persistence, determination, healthy competition, and always being grateful for what you have.

After graduating high school Christina went on to train at University as a dancer while also earning her degree in Communications from UC Santa Barbara. After graduation, she worked in sales, as a concierge for an enclave of private villas, and as a sales rep for a travel magazine. While all of these jobs helped her gain valuable professional skills, she was ultimately drawn back to teaching.

Within two weeks of her last job, she applied for her teaching credential and began her journey of becoming a teacher at San Diego State University. During this time Christina was the program director at the local Boys and Girls Club where she planned and organized after-school and summer programs for over 100 children ages 3-18.

Christina went on to have her dream job as the Artistic Director of the Performing Arts Program at Point Loma High School. She taught drama, dance, and technical theater, was the advisor for the improv team, the dance team coach, and the advisor for drama club and the International Thespian Society where they produced four shows per year. In this role, Christina also wrote grants for a completely new sound system, costume shop, new lighting equipment, and lighting board.

She loved every moment, but the BIG vision of her future couldn’t come to fruition if she stayed in that position. So came the Google search for MFA directing or choreography programs, and soon after, London. Christina spent two years at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in the MFA Movement Directing and Teaching Programme. During this time she worked as movement director and choreographer in opera, musical theatre, and theatre in the West End, Royal Opera House, and Drama Conservatory.

It didn’t take much time in the course for Christina to come to the realization that this is what she’s always wanted to do-- be a movement director. She sees the world in shapes, movement, and notices her surroundings through a creative lens. She loves that each project is different, allowing her to research, plan, and have a voice throughout the collaborative process, ultimately helping determine how the project comes together in the end.

Two of the highlights of her movement direction career thus far include EMILIA in the West End (an all-female team), and Into the Woods which was her favourite collaboration process leaving her energized every single day.

Christina’s collaborative style is positive, upbeat, full of ideas, well-researched, glittery, organised, precisely-planned, and is always an inclusive practice.

Her future vision for Fulcher Movement includes building her empire as a movement director, acting as an activist for disabled, deaf, and neurodiverse actors, singers, and performers, and bringing her positive and collaborative working style as an international artist teaching workshops from LA to NYC, London’s West End, and beyond.

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