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The craft of arranging a physical language and movement for theatre, opera, television, and film is a key element to awakening the vision of a work.


I create and develop the movement score of the piece. I make transitions, full staged pieces, swirls, dances, and small bits of movement to tell the story which is always driving the movement. Movement is like an umbrella term where everything else sits under it, including dance and all its various forms. We were born moving and will continue to move. Stop and notice who and how you move. It's the driving force for every character, and I love working, crafting, collaborating to make and find authentic movement to tell the story in the best possible way. 


As a movement director, I transform the director's ideas into a movement or physical language. This could include choral movement, choreographic dance, transitions, stylized movement, gesture, prop, movement coaching, and so much more as depends on the project. 
I help find the balance between the director's vision and the work's music, choreography, and movement. Additionally, I take into consideration the stamina for the singer depending on the positioning of the body in relation to singing demands. I find having multiple ideas, and options are very helpful. My score is always overflowing with post-it notes with ideas, sketches, drawings, and research.
I create the physical landscape of the play, working on any sequence that requires movement. This includes full-blown dance breaks to shaping character through physicality.


A good movement director can be the making of a show. We instill precision and pulse. We animate the theatre. And all of a sudden, the physical language of the entire production, right down to the way you come in and out of scenes, is all one seamless experience.

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