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MARCH 2019 - Vaudeville Theatre

Writer Morgan Lloyd Malcolm

Director Nicole Charles

Lighting Zoe Spurr

Sound Emma Laxton

Design Joanna Scotcher

Choreography Anna Morrissey

Costume Joanna Scotcher

Assistant Choreographer Christina Fulcher


Nadia Albina

Anna Andresen

Jackie Clune

Adelle Leonce

Jenni Maitland

Carolyn Pickles

Sarah Seggari

Sophie Stone

Charity Wakefield

Amanda Wilkin

Tanika Yearwood

Upcoming publication:

Fulcher, C. 2021. ‘Empowering the Moving Body: Inclusive Movement Direction in the West End production of Emilia’ chapter in the forthcoming Routledge Anthology Morgan Lloyd Malcolm's Emilia: A Companion Reader

Awards & Testimonials

Olivier Awards 2020: Nominated for Noel Coward Award for Best Entertainment or Comedy Play: EMILIA

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